What happens on a visit?

I can give up to 3 presentations during the school day. I enjoy working with the children while they on sitting on the floor and are up close so we are able to interact. It is best if they are grouped by similar ages so I may tailor the presentation for each group. 

I begin with a multimedia keynote slide show about my life as an author/illustrator. I explain that ideas are all around us. Then I talk about how ideas become books. My emphasis is on encouraging my audience to be creative. I want to instill the concept that we are all authors and artists. In order to become good at these crafts we need to practice. This process can be frustrating.  However if we allowourselves to make mistakes and persevere we will improve. Reading is also an important part of becoming a good writer.

The second part of the presentation is a creation of a book character. We will brainstorm together and I will draw what the children suggest. Together our "bear"  will emerge and then the writing of the story will be up to the students.


I am now offering remote visits using skype or other videoconferencing software. Remote visits include a studio tour, short presentation, drawing with the kids and some question and answer. Please contact me for more details.

How much for a visit?

My fees vary depending on your desired number of presentations, travel and other expenses.
Visits in Boulder or the surrounding areas are negotiable, the Denver area fee is $1,200 for the school day. Outside of Denver but within driving distance the fee is adjusted for travel time. Visits involving plane flights and overnight stays are $1,800 plus expenses.

For more information or questions regarding visits, use my Visit Contact Form

So you've scheduled a visit, what now?

the more excitement, the better!

The more familiar the kids are with my work, the more successful the visit. I love seeing drawings and writings the kids have done about my books. It is important for both students and teachers to be present and involved in the presentations, this encourages better follow up discussions and activities.

My sister, Susan Stevens Crummel, has put together some great tips for teachers and visit organizers!

susie's visit timetable

more tips from susie's website